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German medical translations - headshot tinifiedTracey Translations is a small company based in Switzerland. We specialise in German medical translations (from German to English), as well as editing and proofreading English texts. If you need translations of medical or pharmaceutical texts from German to English, please go to or

But if you are interested in topics related to languages and translation, please check out the  posts in this blog.

Adaptive machine translation: updates a machine translation engine during the course of a translation.

Anglicisms in German: Loan words or ‘borrowings’ from other languages can serve a useful purpose. But they can be jarring or even counterproductive.

Automatic speech recognition: Speech recognition is a technology that enables recognition and translation of spoken language into text. It is widely used in hospitals, law courts and many other settings.

Books about translation: Books about translation that may interest the general reader as well as professional translators.

Early history of medical translation: Ancient Greek knowledge of medicine was well known in the Roman Republic,  but was lost to the West with the fall of the Roman Empire. However, it was rescued and advanced by two major translation movements and ultimately contributed to the curricula of the earliest medical schools in Europe.

Future of human translators: How will the increasing accuracy of machine translation affect the future of human translators?

Grammar and style: What are some of the differences between German grammar and English grammar?

Language and thought: Does the language that we speak govern the way that we think?

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